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Must-Know Safety Tips for Commercial Overhead Doors

When it comes to safety in your workplace, you should give commercial overhead doors as much attention as any other potential hazard. With proper care and maintenance, these doors can provide years of reliable service. However, failure to adhere to important safety protocols can lead to serious injury. Below, we’ve highlighted the must-know safety tips for commercial overhead doors.

Pay for Professional Installation

A professional installer knows how to properly install your door to ensure it functions correctly and safely. These experts will check that all components work correctly and make sure all safety features remain properly engaged.

Overhead door installers check the cable tension, the springs’ balance and force, pulley systems, rollers alignment, and mechanical locks. Furthermore, a professional will also make sure that the door adheres to local building codes such as fire protection.

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Create Workplace Safety Rules

Another essential safety tip for working in buildings with commercial overhead doors is to set strict safety protocols surrounding the doors. Safety should be a major aspect of your company culture, and creating rules surrounding your commercial doors helps decrease the risk of injury. Remind workers never to stand underneath an open door. Likewise, employees should never leave the door partially open. Both could create dangerous situations where the door could close suddenly on someone or something below, leading to serious injury.

Additionally, everyone must know how to operate doors correctly and safely. If a worker is unfamiliar with how to operate a door, train them how to use it before they attempt opening or closing it.

Maintain Your Door

Regular inspections and service of your door can help to identify potential issues before they become more serious, dangerous problems. Common signs that a door may need servicing are broken springs, debris on the track, delayed opening and closing, and any strange sounds when in operation.

Trying to repair an overhead door yourself will save money in the short term but decreases workplace safety and increases the chance of future door damage. If you notice issues with your overhead door, scheduling a professional repair is always best.

Contact All Access Doors

Properly installing and caring for your overhead door keeps the work environment safe. Contact All Access Doors to have a trained professional work on your door. Ensure safety is always your top priority.

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