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What To Consider When Choosing a Commercial Door Supplier

Many businesses in a range of fields have commercial doors on their buildings because they make moving vehicles and machinery in and out of the workplace simple. Unfortunately, these doors can break down after years of use, and replacement may be your only choice. This guide will explain what to consider when choosing a commercial door supplier.


Before looking for an installation company, determine how much money you can spend based on your company budget. Once you decide how much to spend on your commercial doors and installation, it’s time to search for the right door. Use your budget to filter out unaffordable companies, then list the businesses that could work for your door installation project.

Pro Tip

There’s a difference between cheap and competitive pricing. Businesses that set their installation fees at competitive rates are still in a similar range to their competitors.


After setting a price and picking out a few options, it’s time to further narrow your scope by learning more about your choices. Visit the business’s website to read past customer reviews, and check Google Reviews and Yelp for customer feedback.

Read the highest and lowest feedback rankings to get the clearest idea of the company. Is there truth to negative ratings, or does it seem like a one-time event? Analyzing the validity of reviews helps you decide on the best commercial garage door installer.

Years of Experience

While reading about reputation, note how many years of experience the company has. Generally, when businesses have over a decade of experience, their employees have the needed experience to install commercial doors.

Insurance & Certifications

Another thing to consider when choosing a commercial door supplier is the company’s certifications and insurance. The company you hire should only have licensed employees and liability insurance for their work. Often, this information is on the company’s home page, about page, or a page explaining their door installation services.

Pro Tip

Contact the company if you can’t find this information, but the business seems perfect otherwise. You can ask about their insurance and certifications via phone or email.

Additional Services Offered

Find out what services the company offers besides door installation, such as commercial door maintenance and repairs. Hiring a company that provides all these services is ideal because, if you need an expert to perform maintenance on the door in a year, you already know of a company for the task. Moreover, you already trust their reputation, so you don’t have to worry about inadequate work.

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